These are my main collections and therefore some of my special  interests. They occupy a huge amount of my waking day, and I am immensely passionate about them. Some are in their fouth decade of activity while others are relatively recent. Visitors to my house are frequently aghast at the scope of some of the collections, so I have decided to share these with other people of similar persuasion, and place them on the web. I am in awe of many collections of all kinds, and have a great respect for true collectors.

Playing Cards – My card collection has been going since 1980, when a family trip to Europe saw the resurgence of a passion which really began in my childhood. Being the son of a Yugoslav father and an Italian mother, my childhood was dominated by the presence of playing cards and spirited play by the people in my life. Like most Europrean children of the post-war era, I had an early introduction to cards and was smitten with their appearance, which carved a huge impression in my soul.

When I am looking for card in stores, the immediate impression shopkeepers have is of pack upon pack of standfard playing cards which are used in the English speaking world. I tell them that I only have an interest in the varied designs of faces they offer. I have found that the the best and most unusual and varied playing cards come from France, closely followed by Spain. Italy has alot of regions each having their own traditional but standard pattern.

Military Hats – The hats have appeared over a period of about 20 years. The internet has been a boon from the hat collection point of view. My hats are all originals, with the exception of those of the Third Reich. Original samples from that era are extremely rare and as a result are very expensive. Many are impossible to find, and may simply not exist. I am not a traditionalist, so the fact that those hats are reproductions does not really worry me at all, as long as the items are a true representation of the original as depicted in books, photographs, documentaries etc. I regard the hats as well as the uniforms as pieces of art, whether they are original or not. The collection includes hats from over thirty countries, with the majority being those of generals and admirals.

Military Uniforms – Uniforms, especially those of the Third Reich, are simply beautiful in my opinion. There were obviously many people involved in the design and manufacture, and uniforms were the order of the day for all people in public life. Many of the design aspects are a carryover from the Great War, and are steeped in tradition and nationalism. The intricacies and subtleties of the uniforms, their insignia and the accoutrements, are aparent in this small collection. Once again, however, they are reproductions, although those from other countries are originals.

Computers & Tablets – I have had a passion for computers and the like since the mid-eighties, when I owned a Commodore 64 and a little later an Amiga 500. Thirty years later, the proliferation of computers, notebooks and tablets, not to mention smart phones and watches has given us immense choice. Being artistically inclined, I have had a special interest in hybrid notebook/tablet examples, especially those incorporating a digitiser layer and digitiser pen/pencil.

Apple Computers – I have always greatly appreciated the Apple range of computers/laptops, especially the wonderful design innovations that have popped up since the mid 90s. I have collected quite a few, but as can be seen I am not a completist, as the variety of designs, shapes colours etc in the early Apple range is massive. Just the laptop range has seen iBooks, powerbooks, MacBooks and macbook pros flood the market. My share of all available types is small, but still enjoyable.

Should you stumble upon this page, please enjoy my treasures and hopefully appreciate them as much as I do.